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Armando Alpizar-Aguirre, National Autonomous University of Mexico, MexicoFollow
Pedro Aleixo-Nogueira, University of Campinas, Brazil
Tania Arancibia-Baspineiro, State University of Campinas, Brazil
Julio C. Burgos-Flores, Central Hospital of the Social Security Institute, Paraguay
Andrei Fernandes Joaquim, University of Campinas, Brazil
Eduardo Laos-Plasier, Almenara Hospital, Lima, Peru
Edson Lizarazu-Oroz, Hospital Obrero Nr 5, Potosı City, Bolivia
Carlos A. Llanos-Lucero, Faculty of Health Sciences. Universidad del Valle, Colombia
Jose L. López-Segales, Caja Nacional de Salud Hospital Obrero # 3, Bolivia
Thiago Magalhães-de Souza, State University of Campinas, Brazil
Juan F. Mier-Gracía, Faculty of Health Sciences. Universidad del Valle, Colombia
Fernando Molina-Pizarro, Caja Nacional de Salud Hospital Obrero # 3, Bolivia
Filadelfo Normabuena, Hospital Puerto Montt, Chile
María E. Núñez-Castillo, Hospital Central de las Fuerzas Armadas (HCFFAA), Dominican Republic
Erika Reyes-Quezada, Centro CardioNeuro Oftalmologico y Transplante (CECANOT), Dominican Republic
Wilson Quispe-Alanoca, National Institute of Rehabilitation LGII of Mexico City, Mexico
Paulo G. Sacramento-da Silva, State University of Campinas, Brazil
Juan C. Salcedo-Moreno, School of Medicine. Faculty of Health Sciences. Universidad del Valle, Colombia
Josselin M. Sánchez-Mamani, Hospital Obrero Nr 5, Potosı City, Bolivia
Felipe A. Santos-de Queiroz-Chaves, Neurosurgery Resident, State University of Campinas, Brazil
Byron Salazar-Maldonado, Military Hospital Quito, Quito, Ecuador
Jorge Salazar-Flores, Metropolitan Hospital, Quito, Ecuador
Reddy A. Simón-Nunes, Central Hospital of the Social Security Institute, Paraguay
Manuel E. Soto-García, Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, Neurological Center, The American-British Cowdray Medical Center IAP, Mexico
Perla M. Del Valle-Oros, Universidad de Sonora, Mexico
José A. Israel-Romero-Rangel, The American-British Cowdray Medical Center IAP, Campus Santa Fe, CDMX, Mexico
Luis M. Duchén-Rodríguez, Center for Neurological Diseases, Public University of El Alto, Bolivia
José A. Soriano-Sánchez, The American British Cowdray Medical Center IAP, Mexico

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Original Article


Introduction: Vertebral biopsy, espe cially percutaneous biopsy for histopathologi cal study and culture, continues to be the Gold Standard in the Diagnosis of Spinal Tubercu losis since the last century, however, there are no recent systematic reviews of the literature on its effectiveness in this pathology.
Method: A systematic review was car ried out on the PubMed platform, with the keywords ”Spinal tuberculosis” and ”Biopsy” in the title and abstract with a time limitation from January 1, 2017 to October 26, 2022. A summary of 11 selected articles was prepared, a list of the variables used in each article was made and special interest was placed on the effectiveness reported in the biopsy.
Results: 43 articles were found, of which 32 wereeliminated because they were consid ered to have little scientific evidence, review ing the remaining 11. A summary was made, the variables used were listed and, above all, the efficacy reported in the use of vertebral biopsy in the Diagnosis of Spinal Tuberculo sis.
Conclusions: In the articles reviewed, an effectiveness was obtained in the biopsy rang ing from 44.68 to 58% and in the case of Gen Xpert/MTB from 65 to 77.78%, so we con sider that this is still low and in some cases it is due to initiate medical treatment taking into account only the clinical picture and the result of the rest of the studies carried out.


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